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The program "Erasmus+" launched by the European Commission pursues the objective to promote general and work-related education, youth and sport. iserundschmidt is active in two projects in which a consortium of European institutions and companies in cooperation with local players want to contribute to improvements in the emerging country of Turkey. "Let’s Science" is focused on young refugees, that are located in Turkey, but don’t have access to educational facilities. Since it is likely that there are language barriers and different educational levels among the participants, easily accessible games and experiments are a main part of the project. Training programs for child carers ensure, that as many people as possible will profit from the project.
In project "POWER" Turkish youngsters shall be made aware of energy transformation needs. In a mobile science center, which will stop off in different cities, pupils and students will be able to inform themselves about unknown advantages of renewable energies. Afterwards, by passing on this knowledge, the youngsters can become multipliers in their classes and seminars. Within the scope of the POWER project, iserundschmidt and the project partners create online tools and information kits that contain a wide range of print material. They are used during the events, function subsequently as reference books and for dissemination. Besides a supporting role for all project scopes iserundschmidt is mainly responsible for the creation of training programs and information kits within the Erasmus+ projects.


Contract iserundschmidt: since 2017 | Tasks iserundschmidt: concept and development of training programs und info material, organization of project workshops | Client: European Commission | Internet:,

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