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Stage program and live show for thousands

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Annual science festival on tour across Germany
Highlights der Physik
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EU projects

Educational projects of the European Commission

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Talk events

Controversial discussions with scientific aspiration

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Compact information in an attractive look

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Show on the exciting work of geoscientists

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Geoportal with news, information and expedition reports

to iserundschmidt. "The joy of asking" – under this motto our agency acts in international science communication projects for over 25 years, often with long-term partners. We create stage shows, talk series, magazines, educational video clips and websites – and develop the right graphics for the right event. Always with the goal of making science and engineering understandable and come alive.
The orange navigation bar above introduces important projects of our agency. The menu item "Company" contains general information about our work, brief descriptions of our activities can be found under "Units". There you can find contact persons for every unit as well. We are looking forward to talking with you: +49 228 555 25-0.

Our agency is located in the center of Bonn, close to the main station and the river Rhine.

We are looking forward to talking with you!

iserundschmidt GmbH
knowledge communication
Sandkaule 15
53111 Bonn

Tel. +49 228 . 555 25 0
Fax +49 228 . 555 25 19
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