Films that convey demanding content in a compact form are a popular instrument for knowledge transfer nowadays, as they correspond to the changing viewing behavior of the (young) audience. The objective of two videos about Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was to report as comprehensively as possible in about 15 minutes about the life of the world-famous physicist, his groundbreaking discovery and the revolutionary changes that followed. Elaborate animations and image processing help to bring the historical sources to life. The use of professional speakers also contributes to the dense atmosphere of the documentation. The films commissioned by the University of Würzburg will in future complement an exhibition with many pictures and exhibits in the X-ray memorial there, giving it an additional multimedia impression.
Raising awareness of climate change and strategies to counteract it are among the greatest challenges of our time. In the new exhibition area "Media Station Climate" of the Siegburg City Museum, two documentaries for adults and children name the most important factors that determine our climate. Experts and animated characters tell about the important insights found in fossil deposits. Artificial intelligence explained in 90 seconds? There is often not much time for clips like the ones for the IdeenExpo show "Wissen LIVE" (knowledge live) with Ranga Yogeshwar. iserundschmidt has produced these and many other documentaries and clips in recent years and is active in the areas of conception, script development, animation and editing.


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