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EU projects
The aim of the "Erasmus+" program of the European Commission is to promote youth in particular as well as general and work-related education. As part of the program, iserundschmidt was and is active in numerous projects in association with European institutions and companies: Let's Science was aimed at young refugees in Turkey who were unable to attend state educational institutions. In the POWER project, young Turks were made aware of renewable energies and the need for an energy transition. GAP-IOS aims to enable older people to participate in society through access to digital content and learning opportunities. DIGI:GO helps teachers in imparting knowledge in times of school closings and distance learning. In addition to supporting work on all project content, iserundschmidt is in the course of the "Erasmus+" projects primarily responsible for the development of training programs and information materials as well as the external presentation.
The PandeVITA project of the research and innovation program "Horizon 2020" of the European Union intends to develop a platform and a smartphone app for a more efficient transfer of knowledge between citizens, scientists, politics and business in pandemic crises and to improve it in terms of usability, acceptance and efficiency and evaluate effectiveness. Since COVID-19 is the first pandemic after the establishment of smartphones in society, there is so far little experience and understanding of how to involve citizens in scientific processes in ways that they correspond to the methodological standards of research. This also includes the question of how misinformation can be avoided considering the diverse data that is needed in times of crisis. iserundschmidt is responsible for the complete external presentation of the project – from the logo and the website to the maintenance of the social media channels.


Contract iserundschmidt: since 2017 | Tasks iserundschmidt: concept and development of training programs und info material, organization of project workshops, all media for external presentation | Client: European Commission | Internet: EU program "Erasmus+", EU program "Horizon 2020"

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