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Since 2003 the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research supported by UNESCO presented the latest topics of geoscientific research on the website "planeterde" (planet earth). The articles of the portal addressed both the geoscientific community and the interested public. Apart from a quick overview of current releases from research institutions the site provided background reports written by specialized journalists, that put current geoscientific events in a broader context. In addition, members of expeditions reported regularly of the progress of their projects and on their life on board in the middle of the ocean. At "planeterde TV" geoscientific issues were covered in short animation clips in an understandable way.
The "Geo number of the day" – a daily renewed fact from the geo world – offered easy to access knowledge to remember and spread. Chosen articles of planeterde in a child-oriented style and language could be found at "bunteerde" (colorful earth). Under "Projects" the site functioned as an information medium for the community across institutions: About 600 running and finished projects were listed, all of them are supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Since the launch of planeterde iserundschmidt was responsible for the complete content and technical maintenance of the web portal.


Contract iserundschmidt: 2003-2020 | Tasks iserundschmidt: editing, text creation, picture research, animation clips, website conception | Client: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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